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SCRMpro- Cloud CRM Software for SMEs

SCRMpro is a cloud-based CRM system that holds a host of capabilities together and ideal for the SMEs. It manages the relationship with the customers by handling all the data from a single place; hence streamline your business processes, policy and people under one roof.

SCRMpro is proactively used as a lead management software where all the leads are received and streamlined through one platform. The result is, maximized performance from your campaigns. Our cloud CRM software is capable of combining multiple incoming leads along with the ability to view, edit or save the specific details about each lead.

Salient Features of SCRMpro

Dynamic Dashboard

Our CRM software contains a dynamic dashboard that gives support to the integration of reports such as charts, analytics and excel.
It adds flexibility to create multiple events and customize alerts, notifications or reminders.
With a unified and central dashboard of our SaaS CRM software, you can flawlessly check customer’s enquiry and conversation history.


SCRMpro uses Geotracking for real-time tracking of sales activities and managing sales expense of the team.
Our Geotracking CRM app acts as a mobile location tracking software to show the accurate position of each sales executive.
In parallel, it helps schedule the sales meetings for the entire day.
SCRMpro has Geofencing feature that allows creating a boundary with GPS across the location of interest so that when a salesperson comes under that zone, it triggers an alert.

Sales Pipeline Management

As a sales management CRM software, SCRMpro guarantees better sales forecasting with pipeline management and manage sales target with dynamic workflow.
It is easy to obtain real-time updates about the status of leads and prospects in the sales pipeline.

Third-party Integration

Whether you want to connect to the social media or integrate any third-party application, SCRMpro is capable enough of mapping the required data to the system as being the best cloud CRM software.
Our USP lies in the fact that any new solution intermingles with other services without hindering the existing elements.
Our CRM system for SMEs integrate data from different applications while maintaining consistency.

Compatibility With iOS and Android

SCRMpro is a mobile CRM system available on the Android and iOS devices to give complete support to the smartphone users.
It helps you outreach maximum audiences so that you can grab a good amount of traffic.

Why Use SCRMpro

There are multiple reasons to use SCRMpro as a cloud CRM software-

It enhances the relationship with the customers by working on the insights that are captured as per the entire journey of a customer.
There is no information gap within the system because SCRMpro contains the customer data in a consistent form.
It is easy to visualize your pipelines with the CRM software with an intent to prioritize your deals.
With a transparent view of details like customer history or active campaigns, our cloud-based CRM is liable to provide more satisfying purchase and service experience.

If you are in need of the right customer relationship management software, buy SCRMpro from Sphinx Worldbiz Limited. It is the best CRM software for SMEs with a dynamic interface, mobile compatibility and flexibility to customize as per the configuration.

Why SCRMpro

Dynamic Dashboard with
custom alerts and notifications

  • Multiple Dashboards with integrated dynamic reports like: Excel, Analytics, Charts etc
  • Create multiple Events and Customize reminders, Alerts & Notifications
Dynamic Dashboard
Sales Target with Pipeline

Sales Target with Pipeline

  • Territory management manages Team, Branch, Product as per customer requirement
  • Easy to manage sales target with dynamic workflow
  • Better sales forecasting through pipeline management

Easy to integrate with third party & social media


social media

Sales Team Navigator

  • Real Time tracking of sales activities via Geotracking
  • Managing sales expenses of Team by using this tool.

Available on Android & iOS

ios android
Available on Android & iOS
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