FAQ - Customer Relationship Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Is any training required to use SCRMpro?

With a user-friendly interface, SCRMpro reduces the need of hard-core technical proficiency to manage the system.

Can I get a trial version of SCRMpro before final purchase?
What type of after-sales support do you offer?
Is there any data storage limit with SCRMpro?
How a CRM solution can help get more leads?
What is the benefit of using cloud-based CRM?
Can I integrate the CRM system to my website?
Is it compatible with multiple devices or platforms?
How secure is my data with SCRMpro?
Can I import or export my data with a CRM system?
Can I integrate a CRM software with any third-party software?
How a CRM solution can benefit my business?
Can I customize a CRM solution as per my business needs?
Why should I choose SCRMpro over other CRM solutions?
Which industry types make the use of a CRM solution?
How much does SCRMpro cost?
What is CRM?
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