CRM Sales Lead Management Software | Cloud Based CRM Software

Dashboard Management

  • Adhoc dashboard
  • Dynamic snapshot of key metrics
  • View trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory

Lead Management

  • Manage Leads through different sources
  • Assign Leads to sales team
  • Qualify generated leads by follow ups, calls & meetings
  • Convert leads to opportunities

Activity Management

  • 360 degree view of activities
  • Manage – Follow ups, appointment, meetings, note and schedule calls
  • Simple rescheduling activities by drag & drop
  • Manage your calendar

Opportunity Management

  • View Revision History
  • Associate opportunities with activities
  • Estimate revenue and amount

Quotation Management

  • Manage detailed list of products and services
  • Manage revision history of products
  • Generate quote preview
  • Import quotes
  • Send quotes to customers

Contract Management

  • Manage contracts
  • Manage payment terms and milestones
  • Preview contracts and send contracts to customers

Invoice Management

  • Manage Invoices
  • Manage terms, discounts and payment details
  • Send invoices
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Sales pipeline Management

  • Territory management manages Team, Branch, Product as per customer requirement.
  • Hierarchy of targets for sales reps, rolling up through the region level and above.

Geotracking Management

  • To track the Sales Team Location and Activities in Real Time.
  • Manager can view the Activities of Team by using this tool.

Workflow Management

  • Automate business processes
  • Conditional Automation
  • Create multiple tasks
  • Schedule Emails, approvals and events

Product Management

  • Manage price rates
  • Manage Products and categories
  • Manage Products Inventory
  • Manage multiple currencies

Third Party Integration

  • Easy to integrate with all social media platfroms like :-Facebook, twitter & LinkedIn
  • We offers you third party integration which increase productivity

Reminder and Notifications

  • Push Notifications
  • Any updates with in the organization
  • Flexibility to reschedule

Dynamic Reports

  • Perfect graphical representaion of reports
  • Customize view for the reports
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